About Us

We are pleased to introduce you to your hosts, Janet and Lorne Johanson. Janet and Lorne have joined a dynamic group of intrepid Westerners lured to Lunenburg by the charm and beauty of the Maritimes.  

Lorne is a dedicated naturalist, sailor and photographer with a great affinity for wildilfe and the underwater realm. Lorne has a master's degree in Environmental Science and Management, which he considers a "license to learn", generating a sometimes more analytical approach to simple pleasures such as hiking, gardening or capturing that perfect image. (Lorne's photos are in the Gallery)

Lorne and Janet are nature lovers with a keen interest in out-door recreation. They support habitat preservation and conservation efforts wherever they take starburst place. Both are well-traveled and have an on-going interest in exotic corners of the world as well as historic and cultural centers.

Alicion—(Lat) - A mythical bird related to the Kingfisher; breeding at the time of the Winter Solstice, nesting on the sea and having the magical ability to calm waves and winds.

Discover the extraordinary heritage of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia & treat yourself...